Top Five Christian Music Festivals For Summer

Summer is so close you can almost taste the ice cold lemonade in the air. As the season that’s best known for beach days, summer BBQs, and music festivals approaches, it’s time to start planning your festivities. Christian Musical Festivals are a time to enjoy days full of music from your favorite groups, listen to thoughtful commentary from guest speakers, and engage with fellow faith-centered individuals. Overall, experiencing a taste of the festival life makes for a summer well spent. With an abundance of options to choose from, read on for 5 Christian Music festivals that rock. SonRise Music Festival May 20-22 Virginia Beach is hosting its third annual SonRise Music Festival this summer. The concert, produced by the Christ-centered team at SonRise Ministries, has five exciting headliners, including Building 429, Blanca, Jeremy Rosado, Citizen Way, and Brightwork. A handful of local rock acts and inspirational guest speakers will also…Keep Reading


As the saying goes, children are our future. The same rings true for the Christian Church. With social media on the rise, and a number of digital distractions at every turn, how do you keep youth members engaged in the religion? Christian musicians around the world are working to tackle this issue. Traditional hymns, while timeless and beautiful, may not resonate with younger generations. Artists are creating songs with modern compositions as a vehicle to spread God’s word in a way that’s appealing to today’s youth. In essence, it sounds very similar to secular music they’re already listening to—just with a much more meaningful message. As a Church leader, youth group is an excellent platform to both learn about issues young people may be facing in their religion and to engage them in worship in a manner they feel connected to. Update your youth group’s playlist and introduce your teen…Keep Reading