As the saying goes, children are our future. The same rings true for the Christian Church. With social media on the rise, and a number of digital distractions at every turn, how do you keep youth members engaged in the religion? Christian musicians around the world are working to tackle this issue. Traditional hymns, while timeless and beautiful, may not resonate with younger generations. Artists are creating songs with modern compositions as a vehicle to spread God’s word in a way that’s appealing to today’s youth. In essence, it sounds very similar to secular music they’re already listening to—just with a much more meaningful message. As a Church leader, youth group is an excellent platform to both learn about issues young people may be facing in their religion and to engage them in worship in a manner they feel connected to.

Update your youth group’s playlist and introduce your teen community to iPod-worthy Christian music with our list of favorites below.


“Dwell” – Waken

Waken’s new single, “Dwell,” was released in late June and has already become one of the indie band’s biggest hits. If you like what you hear, check out their EP from last year titled “Endless Light” for more of their mellow sound.

“Felix Culpa” – Kings Kaleidoscope

Unconventional worship music is an understatement when it comes to Kings Kaleidoscope. This band of young men is upping the game for Christian rock. Look out for their new album, “Joy Has Dawned,” coming out this fall.

“We Have Overcome” – Rivers and Robots

Rivers and Robots is an indie-folk band out of the UK. These four young men share their passion and love for Jesus by creating worship music for all of His believers. “We Have Overcome” is the first track on their most recent album titled, “All Things New,” is the perfect soundtrack for a mellow Sunday afternoon. Download the full album on Come&Live for free.

“Silhouettes” – Colony House

Colony House is an indie band producing upbeat jams. These energetic performers are currently touring the United States playing concerts for their Christian fans. Take a look to see if they’ll be playing in your area here.

“Fix My Eyes” – for King & Country

For King & Country is one of the more prominent Christian bands on this list. If you are new to their music, “Fix My Eyes” is a great place to start exploring their work. Like what you hear? They are on tour, too. Check out their website for tour details.

“Child” – WASHA

WASHA’s ultra mellow track titled “Child” is a great song for relaxing, prayerful moments. Try playing this song at a low volume during moments dedicated to individual prayer.

“My Lighthouse” – Rend Collective

Rend Collective is an indie-pop band that has gained some serious acclaim the past few years. Their upbeat music draws droves of believers to their concerts all over the U.S and Europe. If you want to hear more from Rend Collective, start by listening to the rest of the album titled, “The Art of Celebration.”

“Hello My Old Heart” – The Oh Hellos

Siblings Tyler and Maggie Heath started their band named The Oh Hellos in 2011. Since then, they’ve been producing eclectic indie-folk songs, like “Hello My Old Heart,” and have quickly built themselves a strong following. If you love The Oh Hellos, take a listen to Tyler Heath’s solo albums, “Let It Go,” “A Christmas Album,” and “We’re All In This Together.”


“Kingdom Glory” – Ryan Ellis

This track by Ryan Ellis begins with a classic Christian worship sound but just wait for the beat to drop—there’s some real dance-worthy potential in this song. 

“U N I V E R S E” – SPZRKT (produced by Sango Beats)

SPZRKT’s mellow electronic beats give this song an unexpected rhythmic sound. It’s virtually impossible not to play this track on repeat.

“Made Alive” – Citizens & Saints (HXLY KXSS Remix)

This remix of “Made Alive” by Citizen & Saints gives the song an electronic makeover. HXLY KXSS is a small producer out of Leeds, Britain remixing Christian songs. Take a look at his soundcloud for more of his music. 

“Touch The Sky” – Hillsong United (sXw remix)

Hillsong United’s “Touch The Sky” goes house with this sXw remix and seems to be inspired by the prominent DJ Kygo. Listen to more of sXw’s Hillsong United mixes on his soundcloud profile.

“The Long Road” – Brianna Danter

Electronic artist Brianna Danter has created a few tracks, each with their own distinct sound. “The Long Road” is one of her catchiest songs and can most simply be described as feel-good electronic music.

“You Found Me” – Eikon

This ambient electronic track is just one of many great tracks by Eikon. If you are into his deep ambient sound make sure to check out more of his work here.