10 Ways To Feel More Thankful Every Day

This Thanksgiving season, take stock of the good in your life: reflect on your year, and really think about what you have to be thankful for. When you feel that you are truly blessed, you can help others find their way to happiness. Some of us don’t see the great and wonderful beauty in the world as easily as others. If you’re unsure of how to find ways to feel thankful this season, here are ten suggested activities to open yourself to happiness and gratefulness this season. 1. Write in a Happiness Journal- Buy a new journal (or repurpose a pad of paper) and write about one thing at the end of the day that made you feel happy, inspired, blessed, or good about your life. As this list grows, you’ll have more examples to reference to bring you cheer. It will also help you see that there are usually…Keep Reading

Family Friendly Fall Activities

Fall has finally arrived, and with it comes new opportunities to plan seasonal fun with your family. While it may seem like Halloween is the dominant celebratory holiday, there are plenty of other ways to appreciate and enjoy fall with your children. And luckily, there are also plenty of ways to integrate the Church’s teachings into your fall fun. From apple picking to hay rides, here is a list of great activities your family can participate in this fall. 1. Carve a Pumpkin Prayer- Pumpkin carving is an activity loved by children and adults alike. Make yours inspirational and spiritual this year by carving biblical shapes into your pumpkin. Not only will you have a beautiful pumpkin, but you’ll also spread God’s love in your neighborhood. Plus, you’ll have beautiful fall décor for your home. 2. Go Apple Picking- Becoming one with nature allows you to get back to your…Keep Reading

Simple Ways to Give Back in the Spirit of Christmas

Christmas is a special time of year to come together, spread joy and celebrate tradition. It’s a time of reflection for all that we have and a reminder to give thanks by sharing with others. As we set aside time to give back this holiday season, let us remember that even small gestures go a long way- like sharing a prayer. Set a goal for how many acts of kindness you hope to achieve during the holiday season and go for it. Make it a family mission by encouraging your kids to set their own personal goals. We’ve thought of a few ideas to get you started… Share A Meal They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and this couldn’t be more true during the holidays. It’s where families gather and enjoy a blessed meal with their loved ones, exchanging stories and making memories. Give the…Keep Reading

A Very Merry Christmas Carol Playlist

Tis’ the season to spread faith and rejoice, for Christmas is the day Jesus was born. And what better way to celebrate the life of our savior than to join family and friends for Christmas caroling. It’s an old Christmas tradition that started in Europe thousands of years ago. Early Christians came together to spread Christmas spirit around town, singing songs about the story of Jesus and Mary. Today, the joyous tradition continues for Christians all around the world. In countries like England, Poland and Romania, carolers take part in their own version of Christmas caroling known as “wassailing,” where groups of singers travel from house to house, humming carols in exchange for gifts, wine and monetary donations for charity. It’s a universal sign of unity and peace for all, and a great way to celebrate His life. So, as you gather with your family this Christmas, spread some cheer…Keep Reading