How Do I Keep My Child Involved In The Church Community?

Kids and parents both feel the brunt of a busy schedule these days. Between school, your daughter’s dance rehearsals, your son’s soccer practices, homework, and other obligations, you may feel like you have no time to practice your faith with your children. Making time for church is a hefty commitment- however, if you’re serious about getting involved in the church’s community, they will give you a helping hand. Looking for a place to start? Here is our guide to getting your kids invested in the church community. A Word of Advice If you’re going to your kids more involved, you need to get involved too. Take the initiative to start seeking out opportunities to bond with the church community. Whether you bring food to a church potluck, donate clothing to a drive, or dedicate yourself to regularly going to church, others will notice and appreciate your efforts. Showing your children…Keep Reading

Five Thoughtful Ways To Serve Your Church

The church does so much for us: It’s a safe haven where you’ll always be welcomed with open arms, regardless of who you are or what you believe. When you need a place to collect your thoughts and find peace in your day, the church is always there. So how can we show our appreciation for this sacred place? We can give our time and attention by lending a helping hand and keeping it as beautiful and special as God intended it to be. Here are five thoughtful ways to give back to your church: Welcoming Members Every church has a few friendly faces that come before everyone else to greet members as they arrive for Sunday mass. There’s always a need for more church greeters and it’s a nice way to send a warm welcome to new or potential members. Since you’ll be attending church anyway, all that’s required…Keep Reading


For six remarkable days beginning today, Pope Francis will make his very first papal visit to the United States. The leader of the Roman Catholic Church will visit three cities, tour six cathedrals, speak to hundreds of elected officials and touch thousands upon thousands of lives. His visit comes at a critical time. While President Obama and Pope Francis share similar views on issues that include criminal justice reform, immigration, climate change and economic equality, they don’t quite see eye to eye on other hotbed issues, such as same-sex marriages and abortion. For Republican and Democrats alike, the pope’s commentary and insight on specific political issues may be hard to hear. But for millions of American Catholics, the pope is far more than an influential political leader. To them, Francis is a spiritual leader, a moral compass offering direction in these hectic and confusing times. His visit is a once-in-a-lifetime…Keep Reading


As the saying goes, children are our future. The same rings true for the Christian Church. With social media on the rise, and a number of digital distractions at every turn, how do you keep youth members engaged in the religion? Christian musicians around the world are working to tackle this issue. Traditional hymns, while timeless and beautiful, may not resonate with younger generations. Artists are creating songs with modern compositions as a vehicle to spread God’s word in a way that’s appealing to today’s youth. In essence, it sounds very similar to secular music they’re already listening to—just with a much more meaningful message. As a Church leader, youth group is an excellent platform to both learn about issues young people may be facing in their religion and to engage them in worship in a manner they feel connected to. Update your youth group’s playlist and introduce your teen…Keep Reading

Five FUNdraisers to Boost Your Church’s Budget

God has graced us with warm summer days, but with the kids home from school, it can be hard to find the time to enjoy it. This year, look to your church community to accomplish all of your goals. Check out our list of FUNdraisers for ideas on how to make time for God, family, and fun-in-the-sun this summer. 1. Pie the Pastor Bake sales are always a fundraising success—who doesn’t love a smorgasbord of delicious desserts? Add an amusing twist to yours this year and allow people to pie the pastor, priest or whoever will draw in the biggest crowd in exchange for a mandatory donation. Adding this element to an ordinary bake sale will make it more interactive and engaging. As pies start flying, people will gather to get in on the action. Make sure you have plenty of cream pies on deck, though. Before you know it,…Keep Reading