As Christians, we’ve all sat in the congregation and listened to the story of the flames that appeared above the heads of Jesus’ disciples. And we all know Pentecost falls on the 50th day of Easter. But what does the holy day really mean? And how do you celebrate it? Pentecost, from the Greek pentecosté meaning 50th day, is the festival celebrating the descent of the Holy Spirit on Jesus’ disciples after his Ascension. It marks the beginning of the Church’s mission to spread the word of God around the world. What most don’t know, however, is that this day was actually first celebrated as the Jewish Pentecost, a day of remembrance of the Law God gave to Moses on Mount Sinai. So when the Holy Spirit appeared to the apostles, it was believed to be a gift to the followers of Christ, a sign of the new dispensation that…Keep Reading

How Parents Can Use The National Day of Prayer & Other Simple Activities to Create Prayerful Children

As Christian parents, we want to demonstrate the importance of faith to our kids and help them learn to rely on it to meet the challenges that life will bring. Prayer is one of the cornerstones necessary to provide a basis for this type of faith, but it can be a difficult one for some children to grasp, and parents are often at a loss as to how to deal with this issue in a constructive manner. The upcoming National Day of Prayer on May 7, 2015 provides parents, along with church leaders and entire communities, an opportunity to draw together and help children of all ages understand the true power of prayer. Get started today by using the following tips to begin a meaningful conversation about faith and prayer with your child. Pre-Schoolers: Learning the Importance of Prayer Through Observation One of the best ways to help raise faithful children is to understand the benefit of learning…Keep Reading