The church does so much for us: It’s a safe haven where you’ll always be welcomed with open arms, regardless of who you are or what you believe. When you need a place to collect your thoughts and find peace in your day, the church is always there. So how can we show our appreciation for this sacred place? We can give our time and attention by lending a helping hand and keeping it as beautiful and special as God intended it to be. Here are five thoughtful ways to give back to your church:

beautiful wood church

Welcoming Members

Every church has a few friendly faces that come before everyone else to greet members as they arrive for Sunday mass. There’s always a need for more church greeters and it’s a nice way to send a warm welcome to new or potential members. Since you’ll be attending church anyway, all that’s required is for you to come a little bit earlier than normal!

Cook a Warm Meal

Most churches have a bulletin board filled with the latest news, upcoming events, and weekly newsletter. There, you’ll find prayer requests from members of the church who have recently lost a loved one. Send your love and condolences to the grieving family by delivering them a warm home cooked meal paired with a handwritten prayer. It’s a thoughtful way to bring comfort to the family and spread God’s love during a very difficult time.

Volunteer Your Time

The long days and warm nights of summer bring plenty of opportunities to volunteer your time at the many outdoor church festivals and events. Simply take a look at the event calendar or ask your church coordinator about what you can do to help. From setting up to cleaning up, being a booth attendant or security guard, there is a lot that goes into each event, and your church could always use an extra hand.

Sing Along

One of the best parts about joining your church choir is that it’s a collective effort. Even if you don’t have the most angelic voice, there’s a place for you in the choir. Churches are always looking for new members to join their signing group, and your voice and energy will only make the experience more enjoyable for you and your fellow members attending mass.

Lend a Hand

What better way to thank God for blessing us with special talents and abilities than to use them to give back to the church? Whether you’re a certified electrician or an amateur gardener, roll up your sleeves and lend a helping hand. By volunteering your time and services, the church will be able to spend that valuable money elsewhere.

Beyond these five ideas, there are many, many more thoughtful ways to give back to your church. Host a fundraiser, teach Sunday school, or come up with your own way to put your God given talents to good use. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how you choose to show your appreciation for your church, what matters most is that you take the time to do it. There’s no better day to start than today. How are you going to serve your church?