apple picking

Fall has finally arrived, and with it comes new opportunities to plan seasonal fun with your family. While it may seem like Halloween is the dominant celebratory holiday, there are plenty of other ways to appreciate and enjoy fall with your children. And luckily, there are also plenty of ways to integrate the Church’s teachings into your fall fun. From apple picking to hay rides, here is a list of great activities your family can participate in this fall.

1. Carve a Pumpkin Prayer- Pumpkin carving is an activity loved by children and adults alike. Make yours inspirational and spiritual this year by carving biblical shapes into your pumpkin. Not only will you have a beautiful pumpkin, but you’ll also spread God’s love in your neighborhood. Plus, you’ll have beautiful fall décor for your home.

2. Go Apple Picking- Becoming one with nature allows you to get back to your faith and love the world you live in. Apple picking is a wonderful way to start that process this fall. You can also take the opportunity to teach your children about eating healthy and let them stay active by climbing trees and running outside. Better yet, you’ll have lots of fresh produce to cook with in the coming weeks!

3. Have a Campfire- Gathering as a family and having a campfire outside during a cold night is a fun bonding experience. Throw in delicious s’mores, and both children and adults feel warm and well-fed. Try singing Christian music over the fire to add an extra layer of fun while educating your children at the same time. Get your marshmallows ready and guitar tuned for a fun family night!

4. Play Candy Bible Verse Matchup- If you want to give your children a nice sweet treat, try this game to provide an educational alternative to conventional Halloween activities. Follow this guide to find out which candies and verses match. If they can match the verse to the piece of candy, they get to eat it. Help your children learn Scripture in a way they’ll enjoy!

5. Arrange a Bible Scavenger Hunt- Scavenger hunts are fun for everyone! It’s easy to arrange, and can be very informative. Create a guide for your children that will help them find each hidden item while connecting each one back to a story from the bible. If your children are young, make sure to leave them in places that are relatively easy to find. A scavenger hunt is a sure-fire way to excite your children about faith!

6. Make Thanksgiving Crafts– Letting your children create décor for your Thanksgiving dinner table will give them a sense of ownership and get them excited about the meal you are making. Better yet, it will keep them busy while you brine!

Your children can add their personal touch with table decorations they make themselves. Help them create hand-shaped turkeys, pilgrim hats with common shapes, and other fun holiday-inspired shapes. Work with them to design a cross for the table to make sure your Thanksgiving is blessed.

Fall is a wonderful time to remind yourself of bounty and beauty. Share these values with your children, and they will have a happy and fun fall season. Get inspired, use what nature gives you, and share the love of the Lord always!